This young girl, her name is Brenda Banks, okay? I’m doing Wizards, she comes in off the street […] she comes in and says, “I want to animate.” Just like that.

[I asked her] “Why’d you come here?” “I like your movies,” [she said]. “Did you ever animate?” “No.” “Did anyone ever let you animate?” “No.” “Why do you think you can animate?” “I want to animate.”

[I asked her] “Where you’re from” [and she replied] “Georgia, somewhere.” “How’d you get here?” “Walked. Train.”

I sat her at a desk, thinking she was going to fail miserably. One of the most hysterical, funniest animators that ever walked into Bakshi Productions. - Ralph Bakshi, animator/filmmaker


The beginning career of the first female African American animator, Brenda Banks. I found out about her today after watching the documentary on Bakshi’s Wizards. 

It really does show you, you can get what you want through determination, confidence, and persistence. Truly inspiring.

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