Monsters University (Tease Thoughts)

Cars 2, Brave, and now Monsters University. All three movies Pixar has done recently are not terrible films, but they are not what made Pixar Pixar. They are good movies to watch, not a waste of time; however, they are not ‘must see’ films that we have grown respect for Pixar over the years.

Monsters University is a fun movie, with some laughs and some other moments. As I mentioned, which is starting to concern me, this movie is another ‘you don’t have to see in theaters or you don’t have to see it as soon as possible’. That’s not a Pixar experience at all. And that’s my little teaser for my critique coming soon.

  1. spenchaaaaan said: I think Pixar is going through the phase Disney went through: the company was doing great, but then they started turning up some not-too-bad/not-to-good films, and then they started getting back on their feet… or at least I’m praying that’s it.
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